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    Australian Address

    The following details regarding your Australian Tax File Number are required so that we can enter you onto our payroll system and ensure you are taxed correctly.
    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) also requires us to ensure that you have completed all details on the attached form (click this link). You will need to print this form before completing and returning to us. You can either scan and email ( the completed form to us, hand deliver to our office or return it by mail (PO Box A873, Sydney South, NSW 1235).
    Please note that you must return the completed form to us within 28 days, after 28 days we will be required to tax you at the highest level if details have not been received.
    Do you have Tax File Number? *
    Are you an Australian for tax purposes? *
    Do you want to claim the tax free threshold? *
    Note that you can only claim the tax free threshold from one employer at a time unless your total combined annual income is less than the 18k tax free threshold. You are also only able to claim the tax free threshold if considered an Australian for taxation purposes.
    Do you have a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), Student Start Up Loan (SSL) or Trade Support Loan (TSL) debt? *
    Note that if you select yes you will need to provide documentation verifying your debt
    Do you have a Financial Supplement debt? *

    Bank Details


    1 Choice of superannuation (super) fund
    I request that all my future super contributions be paid to: *
    You do not have to quote your TFN but if you do not provide it, your contributions may be taxed at a higher rate. Your TFN also helps you keep track of your super and allows you to make personal contributions to your fund.

    Nominating your APRA fund or RSA

    Required documentation
    You need to attach a letter from your fund stating that they are a complying fund and that they will accept contributions from your employer. Correct information about your super fund is needed for your employer to pay super contributions.

    Nominating your self-managed super fund (SMSF)

    Fund bank account
    Required documentation
    You need to attach a document confirming the SMSF is an ATO regulated super fund. You can locate and print a copy of the compliance status for your SMSF by searching using the ABN or fund name in the Super Fund Lookup service at
    If you are the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee you can confirm that your SMSF will accept contributions from your employer by making the following declaration (tick in the box below):
    If you are not the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee of the SMSF, then you must attach a letter from the trustee confirming that the fund will accept contributions from your employer.

    Nominated by my employer:

    Your nominated super fund
    If the employee does not choose their own super fund, you are required to pay super contributions on their behalf to the fund that you have nominated below:

    Signature and date

    If you have nominated your own fund, please send the required documentation via email to and then tick in the box below.

    Emergency Contact


    If possible, please provide 2 referees in the section below:

    Personal Declaration

    Have you ever incurred a work-related injury which has required any time away from work or restricted you from carrying out your work duties to full capacity? *
    Do you currently have any medical conditions which may restrict you from carrying out your work duties? *
    • I agree not to disclose any client details from a company to another, whilst on temporary/contract assignments for Infront.
    • I agree not to disclose any details in relation to my wages to anyone, whilst on assignment for Infront Staffing.
    • I agree not to accept a permanent position with any company I have worked with through Infront without informing my
    • I agree to wear appropriate attire as well as all the required protective equipment. I agree to be punctual, show
      commitment, adhere to all WHS rules and regulations and act professional at all times whilst on assignment for Infront.
    • I allow Infront Staffing to contact my referees/previous employers, if required.
    • I have read and understand the Employee’s Induction Manual, including WHS and manual-handling technique.
    • I have received and understand the Employee Handbook containing rules and regulations which I must abide by at all
      times while working for Infront. I have also received the Fair Work Statement.
    • All information I have provided is true and correct. I understand this information will remain strictly confidential but will
      be used for the purposes of delivery of staffing services and to ensure continuous improvement.
    • I have not provided any misleading information which could result in placing me in a working environment which is not
      conducive to my level of experience or physical condition.