1. Infront Staffing collects and stores your personal details and during training we record your progress to measure performance. Training evaluation comments and assessment results are also used for internal management purposes to ensure training and assessment strategies are regularly validated and are also uploaded to governing body websites as required for compliance. (If you do not wish to give particular information you do not have to).
  2. WE DO NOT share, rent, or sell personal information that you provide us. The confidentiality of the information we collect from you is protected under the Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles (2001).
  3. Credit/savings card numbers are deleted or destroyed from our system once course fees have been processed to ensure the confidentiality of these details and to eliminate any possibility of misuse or fraud.
  4. Infront Staffing will share information with representatives from the Department of Education, WorkCover NSW, NSW Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing, ASQA and other authorities and staff members to ensure our operations compliant with legislative and licensing authority requirements.

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